Psammetichus II

Psammetichus II
King 595-589 BC.
    The reign of Psammetichus II, the son and successor of *Necho II, was brief but not uneventful; more monuments have survived from his time than from the reigns of his two predecessors.
    Stelae from Tanis and Karnak and *Greek inscriptions left behind on one of the colossal statues at *Ramesses II's temple at Abu Simbel (the graffiti of Psammetichus' *Greek, *Carian and *Phoenician mercenaries) have preserved details of this king's campaign which penetrated deep into *Nubia. *Amasis, who later became pharaoh, was a general on this campaign which may have been part of a policy against the Ethiopians; in this reign there is also the first evidence that, on their monuments, the names of the Ethiopian rulers of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty were damaged and erased.
    Psammetichus II died in 589 BC when King Zedekiah of Judah was rebelling against *Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon, and Psammetichus' son and successor, *Apries, quickly became involved in the problems of this region.
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